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Beware! It’s Dent Gypsy Season

Dent Repair Thieves Are Prowling Spring is in the air. Flowers are blooming, birds are singing… and dent repair gypsies are out looking to score quick cash with sloppy work! Seriously, be careful of dent repair gypsies. If somebody approaches you in a parking lot or on the street to offer you a cheap dent repair, […]

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Dented Your Ferrari?

Yep, Austin Ferrari Dent Repair What do you do if the worst happens and you find your Ferrari’s been dinged? Well, if you live in Austin, you bring it to Dent Star. Here’s what it looked like in the shop.

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Motorcycle Dent Repair? You’ve Got It

Motorcycle dent repair is a hot topic at Dent Star this month. Shop owner JT loves bikes of all stripes, and it shows in his work on motorcycle dents, whether they’re in the fender, the tank, the tailpipe, or elsewhere on the body. Is your baby is sitting in your garage, unloved because you’re embarrassed […]

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