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Paintless Dent Repair in Austin, Texas

Dent repair isn’t something you think about every day, but when you’ve got an unsightly ding or mashup on your car, truck, or motorcycle, you want it set straight. That’s what we do at Dent Star.

We’re not part of a big chain, nor are we dent repair “gypsies” who may not be there for you when you have a problem. We’re a locally-owned business and we have a fully-equipped paintless dent repair (PDR) shop right here in central Austin. Dent repair is our art and passion, and we do it well. We also do motorcycle dent repair.

Mobile Dentless Auto Body Repair

We can come to your house or work for most repairs. We use a paintless dent repair technique wherever possible.

Send us a picture of your dent for advice! People love our “send a pic” feature because they don’t have to drive across town to get an expert opinion on the problem. We’re here to help you get that vehicle looking as good as it can. Fixing your dent doesn’t just increase the value of your car or home; it also helps you put your best foot forward with business associates, friends, and family.

Using a skilled touch, we remove interior panels or raise your car on our lift and carefully lever out the dent from the back side, using a variety of prybars, soft-headed hammers, and “pencils.” If there’s any painting required in our process, it’s usually minor touch-up painting that is quick and inexpensive.

Unlike traditional dent repair, which involves plastering the dent with heavy chemical filler compounds, paintless dent repair happens at the level of the metal and often saves you hundreds of dollars because it doesn’t require time-consuming sanding, priming, painting, and clear-coating.

Why Choose Dent Star for a Car or Motorcycle Dent?

Simply put, we love our work and we do it right. We have all the equipment, including a full-sized car lift so we can get to the problem without damaging your vehicle. See our Partners page for a list of the auto body shops who use us for paintless dent repair!

Please call or text us before visiting our shop so we can make sure we can serve you. Sometimes we are not at the shop because of major off-site jobs.

Fixing a Dent Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive!

Our specialties:

  • Motorcycle dent repair
  • Paintless dent repair (PDR)
  • Motorcycle gas tank repair
  • Motorcycle fender repair

We don’t do this kind of repair:

  • structural damage
  • major paint work (we can do simple touch-up paint for your job if you provide the paint, easily obtainable at an auto parts store with your make, model, year, and car color)
  • appliance dent removal – we regret we can no longer provide this service
  • plastic and soft bumper repair
  • filling with “bondo” (chemical putty)

Please contact us by email, text, or phone to get your dent fixed! Send us a picture or three of your dent for advice! We are available on Saturdays by appointment.

Why Is Paintless Dent Repair So Cheap?

Because traditional, paint-dependent dent repair happens above the metal, many time-consuming processes must take place before the dent repair is complete.

First, the dented area must be sanded to the metal so the filler compound will adhere properly. Then the compound must be carefully laid in, given time to harden, and sanded to level. Lastly, that area needs to be primed, color-matched, painted, and finally painted with a clearcoat that matches the other finished parts of the car. Each of these steps takes time and skill — but they’re unnecessary in most cases!

Paintless dent repair eliminates all of those steps. That’s why paintless dent repair costs you less money, releases no harmful chemicals into the environment, and requires less time!

Not everyone’s cut out for performing the tedious task of dent repair, but we love it… especially the look of joy we see on people’s faces when they get their car or truck back looking like new!

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