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Beware! It’s Dent Gypsy Season

dent repair gypsiesDent Repair Thieves Are Prowling

Spring is in the air. Flowers are blooming, birds are singing… and dent repair gypsies are out looking to score quick cash with sloppy work!

Seriously, be careful of dent repair gypsies. If somebody approaches you in a parking lot or on the street to offer you a cheap dent repair, you’re probably signing up for an unprofessional job that could look worse than the current dent — or even do permanent, irreparable damage to your car’s body and integrity.

Dent repair gypsy warning signs:

  1. Approached you out of the blue
  2. Has no business card or business phone number
  3. Won’t show any ID
  4. Pushy
  5. Limited-time offer
  6. Might claim he works for a dent repair shop or body shop, but won’t tell you which one

As the Dent Star team says, “A good dent guy doesn’t ever approach you.” We’re too busy to cold-sell people in parking lots!

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Austin: Ice May Be In Your Future

With a hard freeze on the way, Austin may be icing up soon. You know what that means! Drive carefully, accelerate slowly, and pay attention to what your tires are telling you.

Freeway overpasses are particularly deadly with colder temperatures and the danger of a deadly fall if your car goes off the edge. That’s the kind of dent repair we can’t help you with.

Most importantly, watch out for careless Austin drivers! There are a lot of them. Use public transportation if you can; you may save yourself a frosty evening waiting for a tow truck.

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Austin Dent Gypsies Warning

Don’t Get Stung by Dent Repair Gypsies in Austin

Dent gypies? Really? Really!

Austin’s been suffering from a spate of dent repair gypsies or nomads — people who work out of a car and claim to be able to fix all your dents, dings, and scratches with their amazing skills. Guess what? These clowns have no such skills and will do a lot more harm than good. A rushed, sloppy bondo job will need to be redone from scratch, and once they break the paint, a pure paintless dent repair is no longer possible.

Remember — bad dent repair is worse than no dent repair. Don’t be swayed by wild claims from unknown “experts.” Bring your dents to Austin’s Dent Star for a professional repair!