Repair Pricing and Delivery

Dent Repair Pricing

As a general rule, our prices start at $100 per body panel. Large panels (like hoods) and extensive damage will of course cost more.

At Dent Star, we believe in providing you an excellent value for your hard-earned money. We’re not the cheapest, but in our opinion, that’s a good thing.

You Get What You Pay For

We believe you’d rather pay a little more to get an expert to work on your vehicle, rather than have an amateur make a mess that will cause you more pain in the long run. We’ll get you going again in style!

Mobile Service

Dent Star is a mobile dent repair service! Just contact us and we’ll meet you at your home or work. We charge a very reasonable $35 to visit you and provide you with an estimate for your dent repair. If you decide to do the work, all of that $35 is applied to your repair cost.


If your auto insurance is paying for your dent repair, it is your choice who you use to do the repair. Your insurance adjuster may recommend a body shop or dent repair shop, but you make the final call. Take a look at the photos of our work at Dent Star and drop us a line!

Pickup and Delivery

We’re happy to pick up or deliver your vehicle for any dent repair job of $250 or more.